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The Flaming Igloo Story

A peaceful morning in the igloo is ruined when an evil, treasure-seeking ship suddenly attacks with fireballs and harpoons!  Defend and repair the igloo by throwing snowballs and ice blocks that have unique powers, and enlist the help of a growing group of friends who can help you outsmart the ship.  Flaming Igloos features hours of challenging physics- and accelerometer-based game play, with tons of replay value with three skill levels and 40 achievements.  As the game progresses, increasingly interesting strategy challenges as the ship gets tougher and you capture more friends and ‘symbol coins’ that can be cleverly deployed in your mission against evil and against the clock.  Fun, exciting, stimulating and rewarding, you’ll celebrate each time the ship is vanquished and the igloo and all your friends are safe.  Save the igloo…and hurry…it’s getting hot in here!

Tips,Tricks and FAQs

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No matter what skill level you are playing, you're going to love these insights!

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Child Token Flaming Igloo How do I use friends?

New friends are available at increasing Game Levels. You can put them in play by touching the friend icon (left side of screen) to open the friend menu and then by selecting a friend to join the game. To win at higher Game Levels and Skill levels (see Settings menu for Beginner * Advanced ** and Expert *** settings) you may need all the friends and symbols available to you.

How do I know which friend to use?

Each of the friends have different abilities. To learn what they are, touch the Instructions button in the menu and then touch the friend icon. That will open the friend menu and display all of the friends, and explain the special ability of each. Touch each friend button and a description of what each friend does will appear.

How long do the friends stay in the game?

Friends stay in the game for limited durations except for Boris the dog, who can stay all game to warn you, Harry the hare to light up the moon, and the child who can always play in the snow. The woman can also be present for most (75%) of the game to transform negative symbols to positive symbols. Narly the narwhal may help protect against the diver and hunting boat for 50% of the game (although once the diver or hunting boat is removed by the narwhal it is removed for the rest of the game so use Narly early when available). All other friends can only stay for 20% - 25% of the game duration, so use them wisely, but make sure to use them.

Love Symbol Flaming Igloo How do I get symbols?

Symbols are carried by symbol clouds. When a symbol cloud appears, touch it and the symbol will become available to you in the symbol menu. It can be selected for use by touching the symbol icon and opening the symbol menu. The symbols give you great powers that can help you win.

How do I use symbols?

Once you've added symbols by touching the symbol clouds, they will be available to you by touching the symbol icon on the left side to open the symbol menu. Then touch the symbol you wish to use (the symbol and its name will appear in the symbol holder – bottom of screen). Symbols can be used on different targets. The available targets will appear in green (when the symbol is shown in the symbol holder) after you have selected a symbol to use. Touch the desired symbol target and the action will be applied to that target. The symbol target that the woman is holding can transform pessimistic to optimistic and evil to love.

How do I learn the symbol language?

As the symbols leave the symbol cloud they spin revealing the back side of the symbol coin. They are marked with 2 letters. Fl = flexible, An = animate, Ev = evil, Op = optimistic, Cl = clever, Sc = secure, Ps = pessimistic, Pr = protective, and Lv = love. Each of the symbols has a different power. To learn what they are, touch the Instructions button in the menu and then touch the symbol icon. That will open the symbol menu and display all of the symbols. Touch each symbol button and a description of what each symbol can do will appear.

How long do the symbol actions last?

When Animate or Love is used to revive Polly or Wally, the action is immediate—they come back to life and resume supplying you. Reanimation does not provide any lasting protective benefit. The same applies to clever, which allows Polly or Wally to repair the igloo directly. The other symbol actions typically last 15% to 20% of the Game Level’s duration.

Menu Screen Flaming Igloo

The menu screen enables you to play, get information, change settings and check on your acheivements. Flaming Igloo works seamlessly with Game Center. So check out the leaderboard and share your acheivements with your friends.

Action Screen 1 Flaming Igloo

As the levels get higher, things really heat up. As those cracks start forming around the igloo, you'll be glad to have Wally helping you out. Beware the diver, he'll take Wally down, so protect him wisely with Snowy the owl and Howie the wolf.

Night Scene Screenshot Flaming Igloo

Things get a little tricky at night. Make sure you use your friend Harry the arctic hare to turn up the moonlight so you can see what's going on. You can play in the dark, but it's not recommended! Don't forget to use the Accelerometer by touching the icon below the level indicator. It helps to get to those hard to reach areas, however, you will get a smaller increase in points while it is in use as you may notice in the Added Points Indicator in the bottom of the screen. It's your game, play it YOUR way!

Friend Menu flyout screen Flaming Igloo

It's great to have friends when you need them! Flaming Igloo friends work hard to keep each other safe and help you to save the igloo. the various ways in which the friends can help is right at your fingertips within the game. Just touch the Instructions Button in the Menu Screen to learn all about the ways the friends and the symbols can help you to Save the Igloo!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I play?

Your goal is to defend the igloo from the ship’s attacks, which will try to 1) destroy the igloo with fireballs and harpoons, and 2) create enough cracks around the igloo so a moat forms and the igloo floats away. You defend the igloo by repairing it with snowballs (which put out fires) and ice cubes (which will replace lost igloo blocks and also fill in cracks around the igloo). You will also get friends and symbols with special powers that are a big help. Shooting the snowballs and ice cubes is accomplished by ‘flicking’ them from your inventory toward the igloo’s damage location. Accuracy is important, so learning how to hit your targets will be rewarded. This is a game of skill, but no matter how accurate you become with snowballs and ice cubes, you’ll need to use your friends and symbols. To win at higher Skill and Game levels you need to be extra-clever and use all the friends and symbols available to you…otherwise, you probably won't survive. Good luck!

How do I repair the igloo?

Throw snow balls at igloo blocks on fire and throw ice blocks at missing igloo blocks and ice cracks around the igloo. Snow balls can put out fires and ice blocks can fill missing igloo blocks and also fill ice cracks around the igloo preventing the moat from forming. Lob the snow balls and ice blocks at the desired target. Increasing accuracy is required at higher Skill levels (see Settings menu for Beginner * Advanced ** and Expert *** settings).

How do I get more snow balls and ice blocks to throw?

The snow balls are supplied by Polly the polar bear who is on the nearby ice floe. The ice blocks are supplied by Wally the walrus, who appears from the hole in the ice. Whenever your supply is reduced to one snow ball or ice block, Polly or Wally (if alive) come out of hiding to make 5 more for you. But beware…by Game Level 6 Polly and Wally can be harpooned by the evil ship. If they get harpooned, they stop supplying you until you bring them back to life.

How do I win?

You win each game level when time runs out on the clock if the igloo is completely repaired from the ship’s attacks. If you earned enough points during the level, when time runs out, Polly the polar bear or Wally the walrus can help you fully repair it to win the level. So, a high point total can not only get you listed on Game Center's leaderboard, but can also help you win levels!

How do I lose?

There are many ways this can happen. If the igloo becomes too damaged (8 blocks on fire or missing) it will flame out. It will also flame out if the game is over and the number of blocks on fire or missing is greater than the number of blocks that your point total can redeem (maximum of 3 if you have enough points). The game will also end if 5 ice cracks develop around the igloo. If that happens (and it happens often!) you have 6 seconds to repair one of the ice cracks or else the igloo will float away from the ice pack. If the man is forced out of the igloo by smoke (when 3 blocks are on fire) he becomes a target and can be harpooned, ending the game (he can return to the safety of the igloo when only one block is on fire). And of course, if the ship puts out too much smoke without an intervention on your part, the game will end due to a sudden Global Warming Event.

How long does the game last?

The Practice levels (1 and 2) last for 50 seconds and 60 seconds respectively. The elapsed game time in each level is shown by the developing circle in the sun or moon (upper right corner of screen). Each game level after Practice 2 lasts 10 seconds longer than the preceding level. So, Game Level 3 lasts 70 seconds, Game Level 8 lasts 120 seconds or 2 minutes and Game Level 20 lasts 4 minutes. Pausing the game by touching the pause button or opening the friend and symbol menus can give you a needed break at higher game levels.

Can I try higher Game Levels without earning my way there?

Absolutely! It's your game, so you can play whatever level you want at any time. The evil ship's firing rates increase at each higher Game Level and different friends and symbols become available. Most players find it useful to work their way up to the more challenging levels.

How different are the different Skill Levels?

There are 3 Skill levels – Beginner, Advanced, and Expert. The skill level is marked next to Game Level on the screen by asterisks - Beginner (*) Advanced (**) and Expert (***). The different Skill levels are dramatically different from one another. The firing rate of the evil ship is 50% faster at each higher Skill level. In addition, the accuracy required to put out a fire or fill a block or an ice crack is also higher at increasing Skill levels. Winning at high Skill and Game levels requires accuracy, strategy, and the ability to remain calm in the face of impending destruction!

Can I turn off the timer?

The timer can be turned off in the Settings menu. It makes the game less exciting and you won't be warned when the game is within 10 seconds of ending (clock sounds only when Timer is on), but for those who don't want to be ruled by the clock (although you still will be subject to the ship's firing rate) you can turn it off.

Can I turn off the music and sound effects?

The music and sound effects can be turned off independently in the Settings menu. The volume of the sound and music can be controlled by the volume setting of your device.

Can I shoot left-handed?

Of course. Use the Settings menu and select if you want to shoot from left to right (right-handed) or right to left (left-handed). You will need to change this setting to achieve the ambidextrous achievements for Levels 6 and 11. It's not easy from the other side.

Do I need to sign up for Game Center?

You do not, however if you wish to see your achievements (15 in FlamingIgloo Lite and 25 in FlamingIgloo) they are recorded only in Game Center once you sign up. Then you can view them by touching the Achievement button in the menu.

What are the pros and cons for using the accelerometer assist?

The accelerometer is available in certain Game Levels. Pressing the A button toggles the accelerometer on and off. The accelerometer assist helps with greater accuracy. This not only helps to keep the igloo intact, keep the man in the igloo, and repair ice cracks so the moat doesn't develop, but with the greater accuracy also allows Polly and Wally to stay hidden more of the time. However, when you use the accelerometer the points you get for every repair are reduced so your point total will be lower (by 25%) so use the accelerometer only during the parts of the game when you need it. For example, turn the accelerometer off when you choose the Flexible Symbol.

When I start the game, why do I sometimes get what looks like a game that is already in progress?

If your last game was interrupted by a phone call, text message, or you simply hit the home button, the FlamingIgloo program saves the current game state in great detail (every burning and missing igloo block, ice crack seals and all, and the status of every friend and symbol) so that you can resume where you left off. So if you ever open the game and find yourself in the middle of your last game, you can either continue to play it or touch the stop button to end the game and return to the menu.