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Deeper Arts, Inc
Launches New Apple Store Game App:
Flaming Igloo:

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Barry McMahon

Red hot mobile gaming action has never been cooler with Flaming Igloo!

U.S.-based Deeper Arts, Inc. today announced the release of Flaming Igloo for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A unique spin on the strategy defense genre, Flaming Igloo pits players against an ornery ship bent on destroying their beloved Igloo. It’s a race against ruin as gamers chuck snowballs onto their icy abode to put out fires, keep ice from cracking around it, and recruit the help of various eclectic friends and magical symbols in a bid to protect their igloo one level after another!

Minneapolis, MN -- Deeper Arts, Inc., a burgeoning app development studio formed by the unlikely duo of neurologist Dan Cohen and artist Barry McMahon, has today announced the release of Flaming Igloo for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This strategically minded mobile adventure charges players with protecting an Igloo from the attacks of a cannon-toting ship bent on blasting their frigid house into oblivion. Rendered in a whimsical cartoon style, Flaming Igloo represents a wild new spin on the strategic defense game where players must utilize snowballs, ice chunks, helpful friends, and even a mystical spell or two to protect their Igloo through progressively more lengthy and challenging levels. Flaming Igloo is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $1.99 in the Games category. A free Lite version of the game is available as well.

This is an iOS gaming experience unlike any other, offering refreshingly out-of-the-box story and gameplay dynamics that are as uniquely off beat as Flaming Igloo’s own developers. The app was the brainchild of Dan Cohen – a neurologist whose previous claim to fame was licensing and launching the Breathe-Right strip -- who, with artist and partner in crime Barry McMahon, was intrigued with the idea of creating something fun, challenging and different from the ground up. Going so far as to teach themselves to code, the two mobile industry outsiders went about building their dream game, a mentally engaging strategy adventure different from anything else they’d encountered. The result is Flaming Igloo, a simple yet deviously nuanced game filled with endless replay value, rewarding action, and genuine entertainment.

Playing the game is simple. Players must repair their bombarded igloo by throwing snowballs onto burning portions of the structure and patching them up with blocks of ice. To keep the action varied, a growing group of friends and special magical power ups are also on hand to help gamers outsmart their floating enemy and keep their igloo intact. Levels are sequentially more difficult, challenging users to protect their igloo for longer and longer time intervals against progressively tougher and more powerful ships. Additionally, Flaming Igloo includes three skill levels to ensure the game is accessible to any level of play, and features 25 unlockable achievements to keep them to keep playing. Don’t wait, rewarding iPhone fun is just an iceberg away with Flaming Igloo!

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